Partnership With Orphanage In Liberia

Two-Year No Child Left Behind Program

We help to meet the basic needs of primary education for children living in an orphanage. We believe that every child is precious and every life has a purpose. It is our goal to provide homeschooling education to children without access to quality education. Liberia’s orphans deserve the right to build their life with a solid foundation for their educational journey. The 2-year program includes a Teacher-to-student ratio, 1:25, nine Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege workbooks (math, science, social studies, Bible stories, language arts, reading, writing, spelling, technology, and handwriting), and a backpack with school supplies.

Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege Workbooks are designed to deliver the highest standard, and beyond, today’s pre-elementary education.  When you give an automatic $20 monthly donation, you are educating a child every day. Thanks for making a difference.

Peter W. Sayklon Orphanage

Assembly at Sayklon Orphanage
Assembly at Sayklon Orphanage

The Peter W. Sayklon Orphanage was established on October 10, 1993, under the dynamic leadership of Rev. Peter W. Sayklon and Mother Martha Sayklon in Sinoe County. Through the inspiration and the Grace of God, when the rebel faction called Liberia Peace Council (LPC) attacked Greenville, Sinoe County, citizens fled into the bushes for fear of heavy firing, leaving children of all ages alone. These children cried bitterly for their parents, who were nowhere to be found. The situation was sorrowful that by God’s grace, Rev. Sayklon and his wife decided to take care of the children whose parents were missing. Fourteen children were first rescued and brought into their care for protection and provided for their basic needs.

In 1996 when Liberia was safe, the Sayklons returned to Monrovia with the 14 children, only to escape again in April of the same year due to another war breakup. They fled to Todee District. They moved from Todee District to the 1st Sherman Farm area to settle where the orphanage is now, land owned by the Sayklons in Margibi County. Sixty-one children live at the Peter W. Sayklon orphanage.

Children Rescue Center

Children Rescue Center
New Jerusalem Community
Mount Barclay, Montserrado County

Children Rescue Center was founded by the late Rev. Roseline A. Clarke and Deacon J. Alexander Clarke on March 7, 1986, with the sole purpose of raising children in fear of God, education, and good moral values.

There are fifty-four (54) children living at the orphanage that is being catered to holistically. The orphanage is accredited yearly by the government of Liberia.

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