Bringing the Classroom to the Student


Quality Primary Education Anywhere

You don’t need a school building as much as you need a quality Primary Education Curriculum and Trained Teachers. It is a collective responsibility of Liberia Literary Society organization and the orphanages to enhance the education of children living in the orphanages. Giving children a chance to learn is one of the most urgent priorities in Liberia. Liberia Literary Society envisions building a smarter generation who will take Liberia towards superior progress and make contributions to the global community! We believe access to quality education for all can make it happen!

Our goal is to help children living in an orphanage (and other rural communities with no access to school) meet the basic needs of quality primary education. We believe that every child is precious and every life has a purpose. Liberia’s orphans deserve the right to build their life with a solid foundation for their educational journey. It is our goal to provide homeschooling education to these children without access to quality education.

Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege Workbooks are designed to deliver the highest standard in today’s pre-elementary education. By learning just 200 words, a kindergartener will be ready to pick up a beginner book and read. A strong start helps ensure a child is able to benefit from the learning opportunities available in today’s classrooms. These workbooks provide plenty of practice for students to succeed in kindergarten and beyond!

Academic books students can relate to culturally.

Subject-centered Curriculum & Trained Teachers

Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege Workbooks are designed to deliver the highest standard, and beyond, today’s primary elementary education. 

1-25 Teacher-to-Student

The 2-year program includes a 1 : 25 Teacher-to-student ratio, using nine subjects Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege workbooks 

Kinder Kollege Workbooks

9 Workbooks

(math, science, social studies, Bible stories, language arts, reading, writing, spelling, technology, and handwriting) 

2-year Curriculum

Pre-K to 1st Grade

Comes in a backpack with school supplies. Students are expected to complete the course in a two-year time period.

Notes on the Contributors

L. Manseen Logan

Manseen Logan is a Liberian-American editor and writer. She published the first story in the “Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho” children’s book series. In the series, readers can learn about Liberia’s endangered wildlife, the unique rainforest, and valuable life lessons. She enjoys participating in kids’ book readings sponsored by Liberia Literary Society.

Patrice Juah

Patrice Juah is a communications professional, writer and editor. As founder of the Martha Juah Educational Foundation, she champions girls’ education and leadership, through the foundation’s academic initiative, Sexy Like A Book. An accomplished author, poet, and public speaker, her literary works cover a wide range of themes, to include personal life experiences, women’s empowerment and humor. A firm believer in the transformative power of education, Juah contributes to the Liberia Literary Society and Village Tales Publishing, as board member and editor, respectively.

Ophelia S. Lewis

Ophelia S. Lewis is the CEO of the Liberia Literary Society organization, which provides resources to preserve Liberia’s literary works, advance girls’ education and youth development. Giving children a chance to learn is one of the most urgent priorities in Liberia. As a published author and humanitarian, Lewis takes on the dire, yet fulfilling task of giving children an opportunity to start a solid educational journey. Hopefully, the synergy of Liberia Literary Society and Village Tales Publishing will produce effective results for students. Quality education is key to any society’s success; this ignites Lewis’ passion for writing children’s books.