Bringing the Classroom to the Student

School On The Go — Bringing classrooms to students

Access to Quality Education for All Children Living in an Orphanage and Other Rural Communities With no Access to School.

Giving children a chance to learn is one of the most urgent priorities in Liberia. Liberia Literary Society envisions building a smarter generation who will take Liberia towards superior progress and contribute to the global community! We believe access to quality education for all can make it happen! Given the importance of education for shaping the Liberian society of tomorrow, our No Child Left Behind in Liberia is set up on the practice of educating children at an orphanage and in rural communities that aren’t part of the public schooling system. A certified teacher in person will carry this out.

Liberia Literary Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to provide resources to preserve Liberia’s literary works, advance girls’ education and youth development, and give children access to quality education, one of today’s most urgent priorities.

Teacher Jeanette No Child Left Behind Initiative: This initiative honors the matriarch of the Lewis family, Jeanette B. Lewis, who dedicated her entire life to the care of children, always surrounded by children, loving, teaching, or mothering. As a teacher to preschoolers and kindergarteners, her classrooms were more like being part of a big family than a classroom. No one got bullied, and everyone felt they belonged. Experienced at loving and mothering, Teacher Jeanette, as always called, had soft eyes and a soft voice, but she had the right blend of assertiveness and confidence to keep her class in order. She never turned an advantage through belittling her students or stamping authority. She taught with the passion of a lifelong teacher who lived to inspire a love of learning in all who sat under her voice. She treated her students as if she’d known them her whole life. And she never used a cane.

Bringing the classroom to the students: we continue a  traditional setting in which the children are taught subjects such as mathematics, reading, social studies, science, grammar, spelling, growth mindset, and good character building within a structured schedule created by the initiative director, using packaged curriculum books (Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege) specifically developed for Liberia.

We aim to help children meet the basic needs of quality primary education. We believe that every child is precious and that every life has a purpose. Liberia’s children deserve the right to build their lives with a solid foundation for their educational journey. The overriding goal is to educate these students using a rich academic curriculum with an emphasis on good character development.

The program includes a 1:25 Teacher-to-student ratio, using Teacher JeanetteKinder Kollege’s workbooks (phonics, growth mindset, math, science, social studies, Bible stories, language arts, reading, writing, spelling, technology, and handwriting) and comes in a backpack with school supplies. Students are expected to complete each level and meet all set goals in time, following the Liberian Education Ministry’s laws and policies. Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege’s Workbooks are designed to deliver the highest standard in today’s pre-elementary education. These workbooks provide plenty of practice for students to succeed in primer kindergarten and beyond! LLS-No Child Left Behind currently works in Liberia.

A primer for beginners.

A Primer Workbook to help students of all ages start learning letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors includes Sight Words for Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Book Details:
ISBN13: 9781959580003
Format: Paperback (Full Color)
Pages: 200
Price: $12.00 (USD)
Publisher: Village Tales Publishing
Size: 8.5 x 11 in
Reading age: ‎4 – 7 years
Grade level: ‎ Pre-k – Kindergarten
Genre: Early Childhood Education Materials

  • Writing the alphabet (A-Z, a-z) — Practice learning to write the alphabet correctly.
  • Learn to trace both Uppercase and lowercase letters and practice writing independently. A coloring section at the beginning of each alphabet to encourage and engage children as they progressively build their writing skills for letters.
  • Gain mastery over reciting the alphabet using an easy dot-to-dot tracing method from a-z.
  • Students get tons of much-needed repetitive practice to develop the motor control for writing well while learning to recognize each letter. It will help students to write their names.
9 Workbooks | 2-year Curriculum | Pre-K through 1st Grade
Kinder Kollege Workbooks

Updated academic books Liberian students can relate to culturally. Click here for more information on the books. 


Donate to the cost of Book Publication, Teacher Training Workshops, Educational Resources, Backpacks, School Supplies, Scholarships for teacher skills Development Training, teachers ‘ salaries, workbook production (printing), and Shipping.

By contributing to the No Child Left Behind campaign, your entire donation will be directed to the designated choice. If the campaign surpasses its fundraising goal for the specified selection, any additional funds will be distributed to areas with the greatest need. If you wish to donate to the Liberia Literary Society, you can now specify which class, student, teacher, or location you would like your donation to support. You can direct your contribution to a particular class, student, teacher, or location through this collaboration.

The program also hires a local teacher to offer primary education using the workbooks and a teaching manual. This program is reaching children in areas that have no schools, and if anyone would like to help us reach more kids in more remote parts of Liberia, you can contribute here: